Adult Diaper Cover Sewing Patterns & Other Diaper Sewing Patterns

Choose from seven diaper cover patterns, and if you are looking for overnight or active protection, you will find sewing patterns for products that will support your lifestyle needs.

You can learn how to sew cloth incontinence products

  • Adult Low Rise Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern

    "Hi Alecia, I just finished making my first diaper cover from your pattern. I used the projected pattern and it worked great. I love the way you separated out the different sizes as layers in the file. It made it super easy to follow the lines while I traced the image on to a large piece of paper I taped to a wall.. I chose the XL high rise and the fit is great and very comfortable. Keep up the good work." -Steve

  • Overnight Cloth Diaper Sewing Pattern

    "Easy to follow. Made three reusable briefs, for my grandfather, within 24 hours. It can be done!" -Angelene

  • Adult Training Pant Sewing Pattern

    "I am so impressed with the detail and instruction included with this very well designed pattern. The pattern is very easy to follow, and there are complete directions and a video available that helps you complete this pattern successfully. The designer has so much helpful information on her website. I have just purchased a second pattern for a different design, and I'm looking forward to making that pattern." -Kelly B

Moderate Collection Video

See the entire Moderate Collection of 7 versatile sewing patterns by watching an overview video.

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Absorbent Collection Vid

The Absorbent Collection of 5 sewing patterns offers heavy duty protection. Watch the video to learn more about each style.

Watch Absorbent Collection Video

Free Insert Pattern

Download this sewing pattern to make an insert that will add extra absorbency to the incontinence product you use. Available in 3 sizes.

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