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Adult High Rise Pull On Diaper Cover

Adult High Rise Pull On Diaper Cover

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The Adult High Rise Pull On Diaper Cover Pattern is perfect if you need a full coverage cover, especially for nighttime use. 

In comparison with the low rise pull on diaper cover pattern, this high rise pattern has a 3" higher rise, as well as a larger crotch width. This cover pattern offers more coverage overall than the low rise pattern.

The high rise cover can be made with a variety of waterproof fabrics including PUL, plastic vinyl, and waterproof nylon. PUL is by far the easiest fabric to work with and allows for the skin to breath, which the other fabrics do not.


  •  EXPANDED SIZES: XS-4XL will fit waist/hips from 25" - 66.

  •  CASING LINE FOR USE WITH KNIT ELASTIC. If you are going the fold over elastic route, simply fold down the pattern along the casing line.
  •  GUSSETS. Gussets offer an additional barrier against leaks. They also help keep the absorbent part of diapers tucked into the cover.
  • A4, US letter, A0, and projector print options. The pattern is compatible with printing A4 or US letter at home printing. A separate A0 and projector pattern is also included.

In addition, these pattern instructions will guide you through 2 ways to sew the diaper cover:

  • FOE binding with gusset
  • Rolling elastic under for legs and waist (no gusset)

You can mix and match the pattern instructions. For example, use FOE binding with a gusset on the legs and roll the elastic for the waistband or visa versa.

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