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Youth High Rise Pull On Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern

Youth High Rise Pull On Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern

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The Youth High Rise Pull On Diaper Cover Pattern works well if you’re looking for a full coverage diaper cover.

With a tall rise, thick sidebands, and a wide crotch, this pattern is sure to cover just about any diaper, which makes it a great choice for nighttime use. Diaper covers can be used over both disposables and cloth options, making them a very versatile way to manage childhood incontinence or potty training periods.


  •  EXPANDED SIZES: 1/2 -13/14

  •  CASING LINE FOR USE WITH KNIT ELASTIC. If you are going the fold over elastic route, simply fold down the pattern along the casing line.
  •  GUSSETS. Gussets offer an additional barrier against leaks. They also help keep the absorbent part of diapers tucked into the cover.
  • A4, US letter, A0, and projector print options. The pattern is compatible with printing A4 or US letter at home printing. A separate A0 and projector pattern is also included.

In addition, these pattern instructions will guide you through 2 ways to sew the diaper cover:

  • FOE binding with gusset
  • Rolling elastic under for legs and waist (no gusset)

You can mix and match the pattern instructions. For example, use FOE binding with a gusset on the legs and roll the elastic for the waistband or visa versa.


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